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About Me JezzBunny Part 5 Rezervation Life

For the Reservation trip I decided to stay in stockton..So I thought … I was out kicking it and there was all drama among my groups of friends.I webt home early that night.. I was homealone of course and I called my mom who was in the Reservation and she told me to have my brother go get me and send me to the Reservation for thanksgiving.I pack up a suitcase of clothes and We head to the greyhound that night we always had busses leaving down south from Stockton that’s where the Rez was located Valley Center CA. ‘SAN PASQUAL REZERVATION’  San dieago county. It was like 45minutes from Escondidno CA  the Reservation was a Huge mountain land with a bunch of Natives of course everyone was related somehow even there marriage Valley Center had different parts like Valley Center had us Diegueno indians,Rincon had Luiseno Indians then Pauma,papa and la Jolla red were father down.. My brother and I always stood out because from NorCal we like style and to have nice things the Rez is like a bunch of moutain people who are very in to culture.which is not bad at all but some of our farther cousins would hate I’m us. . 

I get in Escondido my mom and Joey go and pick me up we head out to the Rez 

My grandma Nikki “Tula’ and my grandpa Jaun lived in the huge house with my cousins Maria,Zack, my uncle Juan he My aunt Homie and get daughter Savannh who was half Chinese.. My other cousins who lived there were now home to move back with there mom my aunt Mari.My cousin Johnny also loved with my aunt Mari and he was my aunt Rosies son.  I always call my aunt’s Tia so ima continue to Do so here.. it’s strange to call them aunt. 

I arrive my grandma Always had food cooked and laid out as well as she was always cooking even when there was already food. The only time she wasn’t cooking is when she was at our Native casino right over the hill. I hugged and greeted everyone.  I was still a young girl the last I seen my Native fam.. Now I arrive and I’m a teen with this smoking hot body. I knew I looked good nice body with my long hair and Native features but I was never a stick up bitch.  I enjoyed drinking 40s and listening to music perferbly oldies. 

The next day was thanksgiving. Well the good was all cooked I got dressed in a cute outfit the adults for drunk and the rest of us for snuck near by my grandfather.  Well everyone knew I drank but my other cousins had to be discret . I know it bugged alot of my aunt’s that I was very wise at this time and I was up on Game. I wasn’t a idiot. So my mind younger sister yolie started to ‘Hate’ on me hard I don’t know what her issue was when I was younger age lives me to piece and now that I was 14 she just didn’t like me. We all held hands prayed eat and continued to drunk. My cousin maria and like 5 if my other cousins ky age went next door to our other cousins house next door.  The houses were spread apart from each other.. everyone being Realated, So fucking your 3 cousin and Up wasn’t a big deal.  Drink incest sex wasn’t a BIG deal.  I go next door with my cousins.. the last time I actually seen my cousins next door was when I was younger.  Being in the Reservation was like a NEw Life for me. I loved the Attention I was tecieveing being the Fresh meat. . I was Naive.. I end up meeting a guy who was my cousin threw marriage we ended up hooking up and of course found out he had a baby’s mother who was like 5 months pregnant.. me being all infatuated with this long hair native I lost my morals for a while..they called him Mijo.. the day after we met we went up to the Fuck spot. It was a big Rock that was very uncomfortable.  I will later write blogs about my Sexual expierance.  It was time for us to go back to Stockton.  I was bumned. After seeing a new life that I was excited to be in I was needing to find away back to Move to the Rez..

After being back home alot of few among friends atrted happening . I was scared I had got pregnant from the guy who time my virginity ‘I was still fucking from time to time’ he had anwazing cock and knew how to fuck. That was a false alarm. . I didn’t want no kids that was forsure. I CALLED MY Tia Sylvia ‘ my moms  sister’ we arranged me to move with her back down south she lived in Escondido so wasn’t to far from the Rez.. I had my last drink get together with my crew. I got fingered before leaving by this fine looking lesbian ..Drunk shit.. 

The ride ti the Greyhound I was overload with bullshit.my mom and Joey were dropping me off. My mom was upset that I was leaving  but when I wanted to do something I did it.. I worked and svaed enough money to buy my ticket and I was gone.  I got droped off ESCONDIDO bus station. My Tia toke a while to come pick me up but I made a friend some Biker guy who have me ciggerettes. Lol I didn’t tgj no life with my Tia was going tibbe that bad. But shit is different when you actually love with someone 

My Tia had cute cosndo she was a real estate agent she had a fighter my cousin Angela was a kid.  Annoying at times..but she was 8.. my Tia Sylvia painted this image to the family that she was this sucessful real estate agent who had alot of cash and lived the upper class life style you can clearly see from he 96 Honda that she exaggerated she did however go to the best resturants and hung around with upscale people.. rich kids and atrirbets who drank and lived coke..my Tia had a boyfriend name Jason who drive a Nova white boy with long hair who Had the best China white from what I heard. My Tia also had a best friend Lets call her Candy she had huge breast and just got married to some rich guy they had amazing home in La Mesa California she was cool she also had a daughter same age as Angela. CANDYS duaghter was name Riley she was a great kid I baby sat her a couple tume. I loved this kid.  She was awesome.

I assumed life with my Tia was going to be different but I fidnt know my aunt had other motives in stock. . I got enrolled in one of the greatest schools around there Rancho bernardo  High, upscale high school,Angela went to the elementary school in that area.. the only reason we got in was because my Tia sylivua used to date this very wealthy man who she still got along with he was twice her age but he still had the electric bill under my road name so therefore she used that to get us in the good schools..she said the Escondido schools were to ghetto

Rancho bernardo was a nice city alot of Rich leople.. I really liked the school there was no type of fights  ever.. I found my crew right away they all thought I was a model because of my very cute curvy body I always got asked that question but I wasn’t a model of course lol. For the first couple of weekends since Angela had visuts with her Dad.’ My Tia Sylivia had an affair with a cousin and had Angela’ so My cousin Joe was Abgelas Dad he had his house in the Rez. So when my aunt drooed Angela off she dropped me off at my GrandParents house for the weekend.. I haven’t yet seen Mijo my infamous native sex man I was so depretely trying to get in contact with. . When he did see ne.my grandparents always did there best to keep me away from any guys.  My dressing must of pissed then off but good news was my Tia Mary had got a house in Escondido she had my cousin Rachel and David and also my other aunt’s son Johnny ‘no no’. We had went to go visit them and guess who was there Mijo was my my cousin Johnnys best friend.  My cousins were all excited I was staying out there My Tia syliva made plans for me to stay there for the weekend I was Stoked!!! First weekend for plastered had lots of sex with Mijo I was really into but I’m the back of my mind I knowb it was very very wrong he claimed he wasbt with his baby’s mother nomore and was just around for the pregnancy. . Hit was just playing with my mind.  I wasn’t a idiot he just had good dick.. the weekend I was there my aunt invited a bunch of our cousins from the Rez it was a lot night off the hook everyone drunk.. a bunch of drink indians!! Great lost of beer and danceing.. I had some one my best times out there.. The newyear wekens was here I had a cute outfit that my cousin Rachel and I both bought we wanted to match.. we started drinking before anyone else came then a half an hour later my other cousins came then that’s when ‘HE’came TIm Carl T.C he was my 3rd cousin very tall green eyes hansone Native guy he was 17 at this time but he had his girlfriend Stella with him she was from Papa rezervation.she was very pretty but I was still into Mijo so I wasn’t to mesmerized by Tim.. the new year night was one of the best new years I’ve ever had.. everyone for laid and woke up for some menufo and pan.. we had plans to go to the mall the next day Mijo dropped us off. I HAD heard a runor that he had fucked a cousin named Christina I was get bothered but he open that door of it was okay for us to test the watees. We were not offical but I’ve always been a very terriolterial  over the fucks I was humping. So that might Tims girlfirnd wasn’t around and him I found a empty room we went inside dark room he was 6’3 huge day cock he pulled my pants down we were both laughing on drunkards once he slid it in my right coochie groped his fat pulsating cock..it hurt but I love that hurt sore. It feels great.  He strikes me gel my small body close to his he damm near picked me up and pinned me against the wall he finally came all in the condom of course after that I was hooked in him later in when Mijo found he threw a fit then kept pulling him to the side to talk to him about staying away from.. but since mojo an .  I WERE not offical he coudlnt say much..it was too late Mijo opened that door when he fucked Christina.. the next night Christina fucked my cousin Johnny lol so mijos new girl fuck was cousin hopping.. sex wasn’t a BIG deal everyone had sex everywhere. One night Tim was out all night I was pissed off cause I haven’t heard from him he CM user so no surprise .Tim, his brother Josh,his sister Chrissy and her friend Juanita all went inbtgses twik missions.. Jaunita gave my odd cousin David pettty fucks on the night everyone was having sex. 

The Next weekend my cousin Rachel had her friend Randy came over she strayed fucking around with my cousin Johnny.  Randy was a whore.. later on she had sex with Mijo and Tim.. I guess we had a lol whoreness in us.but there was rules

1. Once we started getting deep feeling for someone and it was Offical No one can fuck you man.

2.no sex in Rachelas room it was out comfort area and didbt want tainted 

3.No lieing to one another 

4. No outsiders that are not from the Rez.. keep it in the Family. 

We were strange Native teens

My Tia Maru was a con artist she embezzled alot of check and got alot of money in different was her and I would later do a few heist together but I’m moving on to quick in my memoirs ….

Since my tias house wasbt getting paid for since the ladies and spending money on other shit..she was being evicted. .. My Tia sylvia broke up with Jason then things for extremely complicated.. her true colors were coming into light and with a month my whole life with be shooken I had no fuckin Idea..what was in store for the future..

About Me JezzBunny Part 4 Brother’s released from prison👍🏼

My and Joey had stripper guy moving with them when my brother was released all four of them moved in that small shack.

The night my brother for home,I went over for his release from prison Dinner. . The last time he seen me I was smaller. It’s amazing what 2 years can do to a girl’s body.. we all are dinner and my brother and I went outside he asked me where so was staying and he told me my mom was writeing him letter telling him I was running the streets.. she never mentioned, what I was in that situation.. I’m not completely blaming my mom, I just know parenting could have been alot better .. I couldn’t imagine  my daughter being out of my home at that age..but then too my mind was wayvmoew advance for my age.. by then I made my own decision and chioces. Staying here and there with my bag of clothes.. I’ve lost so much during my teen journey days.

 My brother could see alot changed with me. The good thing is that now that he was out my mom did listen to him.. my best friend was my age, being 13 she got pregnant. I stood a virginuntil later on that year.. I used to get made fun of for it all the time. I was the only virgin in the group.. Sex wasnt anything in my mind I only cared about God,money and keeping myself fed. . When Sarah got pregnant she got into this ‘ I’m a perfect person mode’ we all knew it was just her pregnancy. she had no idea  how difficult  lofe was going to get, Not just because she was pregnant.Because there was alot of surprises for her to come So with Sarah being pregnant, And not kicking it  nomore 

My brother told me to move back him with them. . The stripper was gone by then. Being back at home with my brother felt right again. Him and I have always been close. He Purdy much called the shots at the house.. the flight part was he had to get used to me’His little sister’Had fended for herself for a while and if I wanted to go do something I was going to do it..simple as that.. we had alot of fun..

Whoever he was messing with at that time would come along and party with us.. other nights we smoked weed and watched movies.. there wasn’t alot of food so we are noodles .  To this Day there is alot of food I can’t even stamd..makes me fuckin siick… 

After a while My brother moved in with his girlfriend who had 7 kids and I stood home with my mom and Joey. Thanksgiving was coming up and we had out yearly trip coming up to the Reservation for that occasion.  I looked forword to it since it had been a while.  I just didn’t jab any idea what was to come 

freedom of speech,Free?? Linda L story

This is just mine and others personal opinions. IF YOU ARE EASY OFFENDED PLZ Turn Around..

since I’m a fan of Instagram. I came across a club page as I was browsing threw pictures.This caught my eye.

Linda is 53 year old  married woman she is a nurse in Ohio and resides there aswell with her husband ans older teenage children. What I gather so far about Linda is that she is a opinionated person,I think she strives off the negative attention further down, You can see from her posts she was waiting  to get a negative response from someone sooner or later… ‘My opinion’

As you can see Linda decided to post a comment about her  thoughts on what the club used to be and what she believes it now is. 

This is how it ALL started

This is what started the Social Media war, A lot of people, including myself were shocked by this. All people are entitled to their own opinions and Not everyone will like it. But we all have to remember every decision made there are always consequences. I myself em not one who is easily offended,I crack jokes about my own race and others. I don’t shit on just one race. I have a big sense of humor as well as I can be sarcastic at times.her choice of words could have been better .. I believe we all have a Lil hate in us,There things we don’t like about certain cultures or beliefs, but most of us know to have a certain line of respect,there is a difference between being opionated and being Rude.. Its clear she was being rude.

This was posted one month before her Rude comment was made. The picture says it all. Also her husband and children has NOTHING to do with this. I’ve have seen them being attacked and do NOT support that. so people need to Stop the bullshit 
A lot of Social media users were even more shocked when they went on to Linda’s Facebook account, what made Users even more angry, since Linda does not have certain post Private.She obviously loves to get people angry/upset or maybe she just does not give a shit.I have people in my own family that have that same attitude These type of people usually have no type sympathy for actions that made of really hurt/offended someone. I’m not a Doctor, so I’m not trying diagnose anyone. Really when it comes down to it.. this is the type of traction you can receive from being so damn careless on the WeB. Be expecting the worse out of certain people.

 I’ve witnessed these type of behaviors. I don’t personally know Linda,  so I really can’t speak about her as a person.. I don’t know the woman.. She has alot to say about other ethnicity then her own

Another post from Linda attacking beyonce

People can do and say what ever the hell they want.  But as you can see when her page was visit by multiple people, why people were Disgusted 

So you can expect people to be sick… this is just a pinch of what I read

Any post from Linda L results in alot of people coming for her.. 

And another  casual post…

Users went as far as to posting her address online 


Linda L, did infact loose her Nursing licence and job.. like I said very decision has a consequence. . Good or Bad… freedom of speech is our right. But is free really free??

This type of shit can happen to anyone.  Within Days people had all her info/knew everything about her. It’s not hard to find information on anyone.. anyways I’m not a professional blogger.My grammar sucks! I’m not as interesting as anyone else in here ..but I post what I find interesting aswell as I’m starting to share about my life.  I don’t know if anyone actually reads its but it feels great to ‘Vent’ out.. thanks for all of you who subscribe lots of XoXo .. 

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Influenster   Honest FeedBack 

 I’ve been on #Influenster for over a Month I’ve review many products as well as added my own Favorites. What I enjoy about Influenster its not just about expensiv makeup and beauty products they have food,tabbacco products and much more you can review and ask question if you are unsure about a certain product your maybe going purchase. I enjoy good makeup . at one time in my life I was only using #Mac now five kids later I can’t afford what I once did so I use all kinds of drug store makeup as well as doller store makeup. When sephora has sales I jump on it. Ive notice there’s a lot of beauty GuRu that flat out lie/Over Exaggerate a product, just beacsue their either being sponsor or paid. I made an example in the link how over paying for a name is going way to far sometimes the mirror in the Link is a Teddy Bear mirror it looks like something that I would give my kids.. The last comment in the link is a brutal Honest ones. Those are the people that I know I can trust theirs reviews. We all have different preference and some poepl actually have the cash to spend 18 dollers on a teddy bear mirror. It a eye opener how ridiculous the makeup world can be.

I give all my products a full review. I use the whole product until its gone! To me that’s a fair reciew. If for some reason the product fucks me up and make my face plump or make me look like I have herpes of the face then of course I’m Not going to continue to use it☝🐇 I don’t usually have allerguce reactions but its possible. I’m a very open and honest person. I do occasionally do offend someone online with my vulgarness which I feel bad. But its blogging so suck it up🐰


About Me JezzBunny  Part 3   product of my Environment

Most of the Nights I went to Marianis  with my Mom and Joey. I mostly keep watch it kicked back with the other Dealer/CrackHeads that we were close to.We purdy much knew everyone out there, so sorry to say it was safe whenever I got thirsty or tired, there was always someone’s house that was being used for the ‘HeadQuaters’ For the most part Marianis was entertaining. The last time I went threw is when I was 19 and I was buzzed very Late Night driving threw listen to Marvin Gaye ‘Distant Lover’ .. Reminds Me a lot of being young. Old school and Oldies was big part of my life.

After a year my clothes and shies got smaller, The difference was now I was living with my Mom and I was provided for Like I needed..  after they cut up the crack up that always left a bunch of big crumbs on the plate I started to scrape off the pieces and when I had a good amount I would sell what I had.  I started my own liltte hustle.. I learned a lot from Mom, I would hire one of the CrackHead to bring me clients for every 3 client’s.I would give them a small rock. Addiction is a terrible thing to go threw later on (I’ll explain how I dealt with it) I didn’t understand how that Hit of the crack pipe made them want more .. I made small Money enough to feed myself and I also started to get a 100 dollars a month <when school started. My mom had extra money so she obviously didn’t trio off the 100. What used to puss me off was when my mom kicked me out and she would receive assistants for me.. (It hadn’t happen yet)

So now I’m 12 I have a pager , thick gold necklace,golf rings and earnings and a money clip of money.. In my 12 year old mind I thought I was doing it.. I had a boyfriend name Francisco his mom ‘Huera’ and my mom where good friends . he had two sister Jessica and Jaunita. Jessica and I kicked it all the time she was 14. Her and Jaunita had my back all the way.. Much respect to them. Huera ask My mom Kat if Francisco could spend a couple of night while Huera packed up her home, My mom said yes so the first night he begged to make some money he knew how to sell Rock ‘Crack’ he done it before. So of course Joey gave him a few 10s and 20s to go get off. The first night went okay we mostly hung around my hone corner and talked while he hustled. 

The next Morning everyone was up in the houses my friend Becky and I were kicking it out front, All of sudden there was 3 cop cars coming straight for the duplex they pulled up quick at that time we were the only tenants thatvlobed there so I knew they were there for US. Becky went and his her pieces of rocks she had. ‘Her family also was in the Rock game’ after she was don’t her and I went for the gate to leave the Man officer searched us then let us go..’home searching us was completely illegal’ she was 11 I was 12 and Francisco was 14. After Becky and I got out the gate we stood in the corner we scene Francisco get pulled out and he starts crying saying he ‘just a kid’ I thought he was playing it off later on I found out he wasn’t.. All of sudden more officer came and it was a raid.. My mom Kat ,Joey ‘Moms Boyfriend’, My Brother JJr and Francisco were all in hand cuffs. That Day the also hit all the other dealer we knew like Oakland, 8ball,Big Chuco as well of a couple of our loyal and friends of the Family V back head Rashpoo,Cisco,kickstand,Robert and few others. So that was the day of crack down.. They all were in holding cells together and they all had court the same day since I left, I wasn’t in police custody that day I caught the his and went to my Dads friends house I ends up finding my dad and I stayed with home here and there for a while. Well the incident came out in the Local newspaper but the thing that stuck out the most was this part: Arrested for Drug Sales 

R.Blanco aka Kat 39, JerryJr. Aka JJR 20 and Joesph s Leon aka Joey 18!!! Yes 18 .. He lied about his age!! Wtf?!!???!! The whole hood seen it as well as family memeber Joey said he was 28.. So after mom,brother and joey got released my mom made it seem like she was brakeing up with Joey but he needed to stay until he left back to san Fernando Valley Calif. My brother JJR was pisaes off cause he really liked joey but was mad that he lied to them. My mom stood with Joey . even thought my brother was released he still had the court case to deal with he took all Tue charges for the Rock and Francisco snithched on us and verified all the other details so Francisco was able to get realesed to his mom after his statement. This was the very first raid but not the first time the cops came running up in our home the first run inwitg the cops during the Crack Bussinesa is when my mom and joey had this guy they called Lil punk working the corner for them during the day while they took there breaks. This day Lul punk was in the corner,  my brother and I were sitting in the living room on the couch he was on the phone I was just hear hustleing lol. My Mom and joey were in the room all of suddeb lil punk comes running up the stairs Fast! The door was Always locked. NY brother and I knew something was up so we didn’t get up.. Within second two cops came running up tackling lul punk we can see all this threw our front window. We could see out but no one can see in. The cops started banging for a while. My brother and I still sitting on the couch kind of laughing cause neither of us are going to get up to open the door. MY Mom cones running in the living room, and says ‘What’s going on-Oh shut you guys’ and we are still sitting there lol. After a minute she opens the door it seen like the cops were going to brake it down.. By this time they called back up and there were 6 cops in our small apt. My brother and I still sitting there they immediately started searching the house the next thing I remebr my Mon had a Picture of my one the TV and behind the picture was a 8ball of Rock so all the cops were to bisy ran sacking our house, my Mon pushed the 8ball a little to out where age couldn’t reach from her aide so it was sticking out I got up abs grabbed it without any cops sewing I held it in NY hand and made it seen like I had a BAD stomach ace being 12 they let me use the restroom. I went in to the restroom sat for a minute right when I flushed the toilet I can hear a cop saying ‘Tell her NOT to flush the toilet’ it was too late.. I came out of course they questioned all of us. They took Lil punk to jail and that was it.  The sad part is the way it all played out we all thought it was funny. 

Back to my family getting out of jail after the first raid. I end up coming back home and they were going to knock our duplex down so we has to move.joey got us a place at the Casa blue studio. It was a huge house with a bunch of rooms/studies with a small kitchen and bathroom .the last night at the old place I busted my lip and ended up in the hospital.  Anyways the nest night my mom made my brother I sections if the rooms for ourselves while she and joey hung up a divider that place fuckin sucked but sleeping in the floor and living in a shitty place I was use to by then.. Living in Casa Blue was okay there was Bella Border Brothers I felt very uncomfortable when they stared at me fycking wetvacj perVs. I’m Half Mexican so I can say that lol. Mt family was srilll hustling there Rock. The Narc known as BIG BIRd ‘Jimny Fritz’ was still watching us from what we heard.  One DAT Joey sent down stairs from our apt to go deliver a sack I walked out one minute after him all of sudden Joey comes running up the Stairs and right behind him was BIG BIRd screaibg LEON get back here;!they run to the back I turn around to try to go back into our appt then bam the other narc Tony grabs me and starts accusing me of stealing his phone?he has my arm twisted he searched me. He had a hold in me and we started walking down the stairs two Sera of stairs down was his phone laying in the ground.  I told him ‘see there tour phone’,, he told me to ‘shut up you Lil bitch’ then threaten to take me to juvi. He let me go. Then I sat in the feob for a while with the BB “Border Brothers  I hear big bird yellubf for Tony and all of sudden Joey Leon comes handcuffed our they found a Rock that he had threwb.  Joey only had some sweats on no shoes or shirt typical pisa attire.. They all leave then I went upstairs told my mom what happen she was so angry that Toney the Narc addresses me like that she wanted me to make a complaint but At that time the word Snitch was  bug thing to me and us in the HOOD you got Merked ‘Murder’ for that shit.  joey was released after a few days they don’t have time for small shit in San Joaquin county little did we know BIG BIRD was going to be showing his face a few years.

My brother got arrestedine Day for sales again and he still had his other pending case for the previous raid when Francisco snitch on Everyone so while NY brother was I Jail everyone got letter at Casa blue to leave because it was being condemned bi surprise at this time everywhere had a choice to upgrade to code our get your property knock the fyck down a lot of owners were to cheap or just didn’t care.  We ended up in Boggs track other side of Stockton straight Ghost Town lol we rented a room from some guy name Nacgi it was a one bedroom. We had the room me my mom and Hoet my brother was still In jail. I missed him so much at that time. I guess growing up my brother was always taking care of me. He was 7 years older so during the time my mom and Dad were fighting and brakeing up he was with me.  He witnessed a lot.. I’m still trying to get him to open up about it all.  I really want to know what he seen. He always backs MY Dad up when MY Mon trys to down talk our Dad. My mom did a lot of questionalble things growing up that I will never understand .

Biggs track had 3 other guys living there as well there was Chada and Guru who slept in the living room and Nacho who slept in the back laudey room he made that unto his  room . the house smelled hella weirs like rotten potatoes.. The back of the house had 6 small houses that no one lives in they were all decent.. That’s what made it Kore creepy. Acroos a street was a family and they had 3 boys and two girls the older boy was also called Bachi and there younger brother was names Guerrimo, Guerrimo was the one I haged around with everyday he was a good kid.  He was just a lulttle skater boy.  I felt very perfected over him.. We would walk to the stores take shits of E and J. We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas there my brother would call us and I would be to upset him not being with his Family 

After living in Biggs Track for a while My brother enaed up losseing his case in Jail and getting sent to prison he got sebteced to 18minths.  Little  did I know that was going to devastate my year.  My mom  decided we all needed to move to the Reservation with my grandparents and cousins by this time they already had there 5 bedroom 2 full bath from house build by the government. Bunch of houses where build. My granparebts raises NY Ria Maris kids while she went and lived her own life.  We packed up a you hual and went to the Reservation. Mt grandparents loved Joey. I hated being out there at that time. My mind was into making cash and buying nice stuff my cousins where unto boy and stupid shit at that time. I ended getting unto A argument with my grandparents and my mom agreed to drive to Stockton. When I got to Stockton I stood with my BFF Sarah he was my best friend since elemntry. I carried around my brothers black bag with me it had his CDs and jewelry I  didn’t want to leave it out on the Rez. Living with Sarah was good. When my Mon decided to throw me out here and there I would stay with Sarah or other friends.  Anyhow while my mom and Joey were back on the Re I guess they got into a argument the cops came and ran my moms name she had a warrant so they took her to jail once Joey found out she was being trabfer back to SanJoaquin Jail. He loaded up the small tracker they had at the time and headed back for Stockton. I had got into contact with him at the tune he got back he was back living out in church st at the shelter where we used to live by. I would give money and bikes .  I felt bad seeing like this. But I was a Lil huseler I made money by selling so I didn’t mind. By this time I was living with my Dads friend Christina she lived out Nothaide Stockton she used to slang Meth so she was in the dope game. I was dating her grandson of course that’s where I met him. He loved around the corner from my friend Sarah so no matter where I was Staying it all worked out in seeing him that boy fell head over heals ecwb to this day I hear he still in love with me any how that fling lasted for only 6 months the Shortest relationship I’ve ever had   what pissed people off is I was 14 at this time and he was 20 I wasn’t your average 14,My expierances made me alotvolder and wiser. Let say I was way more mature then he was. After 8 months of my mom being in jail she got out and her and joey were gomleaa for a while they spent time in small places/and rooms the finally they got a studio 9 minute walk from Sarah’s. I would go have dinner she finally let me move in when U felt like I’ve over stayed my welcome at places plus she wanted to recieve cash aid/Food stamps. Sometimes it seemed like she wasn’t going to let me lives there for free.  Being broke sucked so then again I went and for a Job tinting windows at cool breeze glass tinting on a good Day I brought home over 100 on a Bad day 60.. So it piped off in the summer my boss Ernie had his nephew junior working there who was all stuck up sometimes but I wasn’t there to socialized. Ernie was cool to work forI chose my Days off which made it east. I also was able to go shopping all Tue time I cared about my clothes. I’ve always liked to have nice stuff. My mom and I got into a arefuembt one say and she said Hey didn’t want me there.   I was like ‘Great here we go again’ being a ckes out for usalky over nothing Sucked. It sucked that she would actually let the boyfriend control the homes. They weren’t working she was receiver of SSI. Si I always for mad I told her how I felt she hated to hear me call it like it was..my father was in his addiction so When I did see him he was in the go hustleing .  hustleing runs in the family.. 

My mom calls me a couple weeks later to let me know she throwing a dinner for my brother realesed Date. Strange after ahe kicked me out her abd Joey move ina guy names james.. Purty fucked up but when my brother was releses he seen a lot of shit he didn’t like. My brother isn’t one to keep his mouth shut.  In the next section will explain more

About Me-JezzBunny Part 2 Life with Mom

So in the last part I explain more about growing up and life with Dad which was decent my father did spoil me and provided for us when I hot out of line I did get spanked lol 

My father had struggles with drugs while I was growing up I’ve never witnessed seeing any drugs with him.  I would see him really sick and throwing up I didn’t know what was wrong with him.I just assume at the time he was sick the word Drug never even got brought up everything in my Dad home was away from the children.. The adults never talked about it not did we witness any drug use.. Of course something was obvious but the kids where always token care of and that’s what matter. My father lost his job,then the house went up for sale, at this time I’m 11 years old.my brother still living with my mom. My dad decided that It was time for me to move with NY mom at this time I was just used yo the weekend visits. I really didn’t mind that I had to move in with NY mom,I had a lot of friends over there..life was different with my mom girl my dad.. But till this Day I always remain A Daddy’s girl

MOVING to MoMs ‘Kat’ &Leandro home.. Leandro was nice he never miss treated me,I guess him and my brother jjr had issues in the past. But I just continued my routine like I did when I was there in weekends.. School was out so us Church st kids did what we could bring in the Hood.. Playing on the streets, messing with the cracksheads, every ‘Dealer had their own corner and we kids always gave a signal ‘Onetime with the cops came cruseing around and we would make some extra cash for being watch. We played basketball at Gleason Park hoping not to step on needles or condoms.. The shit you found out there. If any of the crack heads gave us problems another one who knew us well would handle the problem.. All together there was 23 of us kids.. We usually always traveled in groups to the waterfront,stores exc.

2001 Leandri and my mom eventually split up they were together since I was less then year old .  so in that case the pastor ‘Lico  kicked my mom out of the church land. Claiming he didn’t want my mom and Leander killing each other my Mon trued getting Leander to cone home but he never did and later he regretted that so we packed up and moved two houses down to a complex where my Asians friends lived still on Church st.. Stockton is a melting pot there all racists no one Special all in our group Asain,Mexican, black it didn’t matter.. We all experience everyone’s different foods and family as well as eachitheta struggles it was a poor area and it was Sad at times. But it was made the best out of it❤ we were settle in and my mom went threw a couple of boyfriends. There was a lot of party’s thrown at the new place a lot of people in and out it was crazy it was a one bedroom so I slept in the room with my mom and my brother slepts in the living room. There still wasn’t that much food we would have noodles,bolonie,rice and beans and corn tortillas,when we ran out it sucked being hungry the place was tiny just like the other one.. There was a crew my mom favored who was always around CFA they made her the ‘First Lady’ yes they have titles like that in crews.

My mom finally get in a relationship with Joesph who is a Mexican /white .. He was one of those white guys who spoke Spanish crazy scene he was cool. He claimed he was 28 so my mom being attractive to the young one sent for it. 

 Drugs was one of the fastest and easy way to make money especially out there Crack cocaine is like  diamonds  to the hood. Us knowing all the connections to the right people. These were the people when would come over for dinner. My mom and Joey decided to get in the Crack game and years later blow up financially. But I’m moving to fast.. The first time are crack up close is when my mom and joey where making it in the kitchen. I seen how they cut up the 10 &20, how it was properly wrapped up just in case you needed to swallow them. You did keep a few in your mouth while the rest was put away until you sold out.. Like I said before every Dealer had there own corner my mom and Joey had two corners and if anyone wanted to use it hey had to “pay rent” Meaning a percent of what was made in that corner was to be giving to the original dealer of that spot. There was lot of action after 11.  Marianis was a couple blocks down so after 12am my mom and joey would rent out their spot and go to Marianas and it was “lite” meaning a lot of people’s and a lot of comtuin you find mostly what ever your looking for.  There was a beer truck who was parked out there one person selling brand new clothes and of course you had you dozen dealer s who all knew each other. respect was one of the requirements even the crack heads had respect.. There was always a couple of ‘lookouts the ones who get crack in exchange to watch out for the cops, it worked  like a Eco eventually some next to you would give warning. ⚠

About Me-JezzBunny

 First let me explain a little bit about myself… I was born in 89, My Mother and Father split up when I was less then  year old,My brother JJr was 8 years old at the time remebrs a lot more about the marriage.. I don’t remember shit.. My Mom and Father met in Los Angeles California. From there at there age of both 18 Hr time her back to Stockton where they both still reside… After the divorce My Mom and Dad did a back and fourth type thing with us my mom who actulkay had Granted Custody of us One day just left us with my dad ‘Jerry’ .. Mom called and said ‘you are a better parent,you can give them more love then I can’ that’s How I heard it… So from then On my Mom ‘Kat’ spend her freely life with her husband Leandro.. 

My mother was still around she would send gifts and when she had fights with Lrabdri she always cane to spend some weeks with us.. My father who was always single.. never NOT let her stay. So growing up I knew exactly who my non was. 

Growing up with Daddy Jerry . I grew up a daddy’s girl to the core. My father worked in warehouses and we went in vacations like twice a year. My father took real good care of us. My mother is Native American Indian and My father is Mexican which they both have Mexican in them .. My brother and I went to the Reservation once a year we would usually spend the summer out there with our grandparents my moms parents the Blancos.. The Rez  is located out in San Diego county..valley center California.. At the time the Tea had no rlectricty and people where living in mobile homes or in home they built theresleves..my grandparents home was two trailers build around each other and the shower was out back, yes you had to use porter pottys .. So Kate night I made one of my cousins go with me. My Mon had 4 sisters and 2 brothers .. Everyone always seemed to leave there kids with my grandparents during the Day except my Tia Mari she left her kids to live with my grandparent to go be with her boyfriend. Sounds familiar.??… 

Life was far from perfect but my dad always had a home for us as well as spoiled us..when we got out of line we got our ass whooped..when I was five My brother went to move in with my mom for good.mostly because he was able to do what he wanted at that he had his first child at 14 beautiful Lil girl Valencia.. At my moms he was able to bring girls in and out party exc.

 I stood with MY Daddy if course years later at the age 9 that’s when the weekend. Visits with mom started she lived in Downtown/Central Stockton and my Dad I lived in East Stockton not too far from my mom.. It was still the Ghetto. The weekends where okay. Leandro was a pastors son so the church was right next door to my moms apt.. It was on the premises ..leandro had a younger sister who was 14 and I was 10 at the the time. Leandro sister Grace and their younger cousins All sang in the church choir .. Where I eventually ended up.  I had a lot of fun with the choir. So Of course I made ALOT of friends and started meeting a lot of people it was on Church st  where this all time place Gleason park was one of the biggest cracks so that Matianis which was a couple blocks down.. Out Lil crew was call ‘Church st’ lol.. A bunch of ghetto kids funding trouble.. Little did I know those weekends where just the begging..